My Medical Nutrition Experiment

On January 1, 2014 I began a medical nutrition program designed to help support bone and joint issues, including a condition in my left hand called Dupuytren's contracture (sometimes called Viking syndrome). Besides supporting bone and joint health, because the program I've started on is holistic, it will also promote general health and should produce results such as increased energy, clearer skin, better mood, better vision, as well as greater mental clarity and cardiovascular health. Anyway, I decided I will go out on a limb and track my results every few weeks or so in this magazine--because as we parents get into our forties and fifties … [Read more...]

Goal Setting Tips For A More Joyful 2014

Are you ready for a more joyful 2014? Are you ready to experience real changes in your life that are long overdue? Rather than making New Year's resolutions that never seem to last more than a month, take some time out today before midnight strikes to review the past year and set a few goals that will help you experience a more joyful and gratifying 2014. The process should not take more than about a half hour and will get you on the right path to achieving your heart's desires in 2014. It's important to set your goals now, in these last few moments of 2013, especially since we have a New Moon this New Years Eve. I've read that new moons … [Read more...]

Your Higher Purpose – To Help Create A World That Works For Everyone

For more than two decades now I've been driven to find and fulfill my higher life purpose.  By "higher" I mean not just having a job, advancing a career and being a good parent but fulfilling something deeper that tugged at me that I knew very little about, something that I felt I wasn't even connected to yet. How was I to know what that higher purpose was? That's like asking what's your soul's potential. You don't know until you really get into it. So in early 2001 I attended a 5-day Soul Recognition workshop to help me discover my higher life purpose.  One of the things I learned there was that I would write a "simple children's book" … [Read more...]

Helping Your Kids Overcome Fear of Failure

Dr. Sherri Singer's article from last week, Why Failure Is Not Always A Bad Thing For Kids, addresses the very important topic of learning and striving for success (meaning whatever you want to accomplish) and to keep going at it rather than giving up in the process. Dr. Singer's article has a wealth of wisdom that may be overlooked by some readers because it was written from more of a logical, academic perspective rather than a personal and passionate one--which is why I'm revisiting her article and using my own personal experience to examine how we can cultivate a passion for learning and to instill more awareness of the value of lifelong … [Read more...]

Parenting In Times of Crisis and Chaos

We are on the brink of much change on the planet, and it seems that the level of chaos is high right now. Here in the U.S. the federal government is partially shut down at the moment (due to Congress’ inability to agree on the budget and the projection that the U.S. Treasury will run out of money on October 17th). The level of fear is high and I see all around me—at the gasoline station, the store, and in families—that many people are on the brink of losing it. How do you keep your sanity and be a supportive, effective parent during such crazy times? I am not afraid of the times we are in and in fact, my philosophy about what’s happening … [Read more...]

How Do You Find Your Higher Purpose?

In last week's article I wrote about how many of society's problems (including the problem of illegal drugs being trafficked to the teenagers in our neighborhoods) will be resolved by individuals who connect with their (divine, inner) power, and fulfill their "Higher Purpose." But how do you find your higher purpose and how do you know when you're on the path of your higher purpose, as opposed to just going through your "normal" operating state? How do you know you're actually doing your higher purpose, as opposed to just going through your "default" way of being, going through the motions of your job or career? Over the course of a few … [Read more...]

A Friend Follows His Intuition And Fulfills His Dream

As you may have noticed in this magazine, we place a lot of importance on following one's intuition. I believe it's a very important thing to do, particularly right now, for your family's benefit, for your own benefit, as well as for the greater good. Everyone's uplifted in some way. (An aside: I have discovered that when you follow your intuition not only do you benefit, but also everyone and everything else around you. But that's a subject that I will say more on in a future article...) For example, by following her intuition, "Silicon Valley Mom" was able to turn around the situation of her 16-year old daughter's eating disorder rather … [Read more...]