A Friend Follows His Intuition And Fulfills His Dream

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As you may have noticed in this magazine, we place a lot of importance on following one’s intuition. I believe it’s a very important thing to do, particularly right now, for your family’s benefit, for your own benefit, as well as for the greater good. Everyone’s uplifted in some way. (An aside: I have discovered that when you follow your intuition not only do you benefit, but also everyone and everything else around you. But that’s a subject that I will say more on in a future article…)

For example, by following her intuition, “Silicon Valley Mom” was able to turn around the situation of her 16-year old daughter’s eating disorder rather quickly. Even though Silicon Valley Mom was advised by her daughter’s therapists as well as other parents not to intervene in her daughter’s relationship with her boyfriend, her intuition told her to do whatever she could to break the relationship off. She followed her inner guidance despite the discouragement and very shortly afterward, her daughter began to be herself again, and to eat normally again. Read Silicon Valley Mom’s story here if you haven’t already.

In this article I hope to encourage you to strengthen your intuition and then to follow it by sharing the amazing story of an acquaintance of mine named Guy.

A Friend Follows Through With His Intuition

I met Guy when he was a parent at my younger daughter’s elementary school. Our daughters were in the same grade. I found out that Guy worked hard as a deck builder in Silicon Valley. At the time, I was writing my first book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening and I gave Guy a copy of my draft, right before school let out for the summer. He was interested in reading it and had promised to give me some feedback.

When school started up again at the end of August I was anxious to hear what Guy would say about my book. When I saw him at the school, the first thing he said to me was, “Christine, I have to tell you everything that happened within a month of reading your book.”

Guy told me that he used to have a dream to own a vacation home in the Sierra foothills but he had given up on that dream years before, because he knew there was just no way he could afford one. But after reading my book, he remembered his dream and that dream became real to him again. Immediately he planned a camping trip to Bear Valley with his family. And while they were camping, they were going to visit a realtor.

The realtor in Bear Valley informed Guy and his family that there weren’t any properties available within their budget. But as they left the realtor’s office disappointed, Guy’s inner guidance told him to go and look around on his own. So they drove around Bear Valley and came across a house with a “Sale Pending” sign on the front lawn. Guy’s inner guidance told him to get out of the car and check the house out. He listened, even though it didn’t make any sense to him and the realtor had already told him there was nothing available in his budget.

The property seemed perfect, everything Guy and his family could have hoped for. There was a nice backyard for the kids and even a stream nearby. He knocked on the door and introduced himself to the owner, who welcomed them in and explained that despite what the sign said, the house was up for sale again. He said the deal had fallen through earlier that day, which put him in a terrible bind because he had already bought a house up in Oregon. “Make me an offer,” he told Guy.

Guy and his wife took a few minutes to talk things through alone and then came back to make an offer that was considerably below the owner’s asking price. “I can’t give you what you want for this house,” Guy told the owner, “but I can give you my word that I’m good for this much.” The owner accepted the offer.

The following week Guy and his wife found a mortgage with good terms. Then while working on an outdoor deck for a client, he was offered a Viking stove, dishes, pots and pans, appliances, everything he needed to furnish his new kitchen. (He happened to mention to his client that he had just bought a new vacation home, and the client just happened to be remodeling her kitchen at the time.) Then a friend of Guy’s called to say that he was moving out of the state and needed to sell his furniture. So Guy was able to furnish most of his vacation home for about 500 dollars.

All this happened within one month of reading my book. Guy told me that he attributed everything that happened to his feeling “in tune with himself” after reading it. (The book is my story of reconnecting with my higher self / inner guidance and the amazing things that happened as a result.)

This happened a few years ago, but I spoke to Guy last year and he and his family are doing well…and enjoying their vacation home in the Sierras.

I shared Guy’s story with you in this article because I really want to encourage you to develop your intuition and gain the confidence to follow through with it on a regular basis.

What I’ve discovered over the course of more than a dozen years of experimenting with this is that favorable, amazing synchronicities most often happen when you’re following through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently and that most of the synchronicities that happen are designed to help you fulfill your higher purpose, your potential. To fulfill Higher Purpose is where the Universe is headed (that’s the “Divine Plan” in a nutshell) and if you get behind that plan, you will receive assistance and you’ll be generously rewarded. You might say that to follow your inner guidance is God’s plan for you.

How To Strengthen Your Intuition

  1. Cultivate a relationship with your higher self (using quiet time in contemplation, daily meditation, taking a minute or two to “check in,” to focus on your sacred space several times a day)
  2. Learn to recognize and distinguish your inner guidance from your mental conditionings, your wants and cultural influences
  3. Ask your higher self for guidance (e.g. ask specific questions, ask for clear guidance)
  4. Follow through on the guidance promptly and consistently (this part might require a bit of faith and courage at first)
  5. See what happens as a result, and keep track of things in a notebook dedicated to your higher purpose

Re-read the free report “From Conflict to Connection” that you received when you signed up for this magazine and follow the instructions for the meditation suggested. These steps will go a long way in helping you fulfill your potential–which will help your children fulfill their potential, too!


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