Getting Outside The Box Of Cultural Conditioning

Last week, about a half hour after I sent out my article on how my teen athlete's back pain got completely relieved, I received an email from a reader telling me that he does not appreciate the religious content of my material.  The reader wrote, "I do not appreciate the religious content of this material.  I am sure that others do, but it is not what I am interested in reading...I am not comfortable with your philosophy/approach." Because I'm sure he's not alone in his view and in order to clarify where I'm coming from (because my view CAN be confusing and easily misunderstood at times, particularly because we all have preconceived … [Read more...]

So What’s Your Excuse?

While driving my daughter to school on Friday morning the local radio hosts were talking about a Mother of three from Sacramento, California who posted a photo of herself that went viral on facebook. The photo showed an attractive, super-fit woman, three young boys aged 8 months, 2 years and 3 years, and the caption, "What's Your Excuse?" The radio hosts took phone calls from the listening audience, polling the listeners about whether the Mom was an inspiration to others, or whether she was just being obnoxious. (Most of the audience was positive and polite--at least in the limited time that I listened in.) And yesterday (Sunday) morning, the … [Read more...]

The Next Level of Parenting

By Nicholeen Peck So many people ask me how to take their parenting to the next level, even with their out-of-control children. A man I really admire named Jeffrey Holland said, "... the only real control in life is self-control." True self-control is the next level of parenting. Here's why. You can control the settings on your computer, and control the television choices that come into your home. You can control all the things written down as your Family Standard and you can control what your family eats for dinner, but you can't control another person. No matter how hard you try and how much power you try to look like you have, the … [Read more...]

Tired of Worrying? 5 Ways to Turn This Around

What do you worry about? If you haven't worried about anything this past week, then don't read this article. But I'm guessing you have. Even the most enlightened and spiritual will find themselves in a state of worry. We worry about different things. We worry about our daughters, marriage, job, parents or money. Your daughter worries just as much as you but over different things. (Even if she acts like she doesn't care about anything.) She worries about her friends, boyfriend or no boyfriends. She worries if she'll make the team or get in the college of her choice. Worry is an uninvited guest. You don't wake up and think … [Read more...]

My Africa Adventure – And Learning What’s Important In Life

  As an 18-year old who had just finished high school having the opportunity to travel halfway around the world to work at an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya was all I could ever ask for. My uncle had presented me with this opportunity as he had taken the same adventure the previous year. My protective father voiced his doubts, but I was persistent, got myself a passport and other requirements, and I made this experience possible. As my trip to Africa began at the beginning of August I wasn’t nervous or scared; I didn’t really think much about it at all. Our second flight landed in Brussels and I was excited, as an 18-year old, to … [Read more...]

Back To School -Tips For School and Life Success

We're nearing the end of another summer and it's back to school time again--at least in the United States! My younger daughter in fact has begun her first day of sophomore year in High School today; she's glad to be back home in the Bay Area of Northern California after spending two months in a town outside of Munich, Germany, and she's revved up to get back into the school and sports routine. She's excited to see her friends again and is looking forward to what the new school year will bring. (Isn't it wonderful how we have these annual cycles and traditions on this planet?) Thus for today's article I'm sharing a few tips that are helpful … [Read more...]

Raising Your Daughter To Be A Leader

I decided to launch Parenting Teenage Girls magazine because I know that most parents do not just want to survive their daughter’s teenage years without a major catastrophe, they want to raise confident and successful daughters that become leaders. Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders is the magazine’s tagline and slogan. But what does it mean to be a leader? We all have different ideas of what a leader is and I don’t mean “leader” in the narrow, traditional sense of the word, such as a government or a religious leader. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of good examples of great leaders these days—at least not in the mainstream press. Rather, what I … [Read more...]