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Desiree Phillips - Teenage Girls and Self Esteem

Desiree Phillips

Desiree Phillips was born and raised in California. She studied business at U.C. Berkeley and the performing arts at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, Ca. She’s worked and lived abroad in Japan and buy fioricet pills Europe. While living her passions, she also focused on her personal growth process through various forms of both business & life coaching modalities. She devoted herself to learning and developing her life from the inside out, after losing loved ones to death during her teen years. She founded Self Esteem for Teens in 1988 out of a desire to make a difference with youth.

Every time she returned home to the U.S. she would teach her unique programs. Her story, career, and travels were captivating to young audiences. She was compelled to reveal the values of self-care & confidence to kids and inspire them to make life long healthy choices. She used her life experience to assist youth crossing the bridge from their self-imposed ideals, many based on the norms of media, to reaching the other side, with an understanding of how much each person makes a difference now, regardless of circumstances. Due to the success, feed back and demand of these programs, she specifically designed a program for adults to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Her courses have helped hundreds of kids, women and families re-align their focus and ability to appreciate their natural gifts, themselves, and their futures. She has over 20 years of experience as a life & career coach.

Desiree loves life, people and kids from a deep place in her heart. She enjoys writing, dance and traveling with her family to her favorite country Italy. She lives in Northern California with her husband Hans, their son and two dogs.

You can reach Desiree at her website:  http://www.girlfriendswithglow.com/


Dr. DelRae Messer

 DelRae Messer

DelRae Messer, Doctor of Chiropractic, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern Health Sciences University in March 2007. She specializes in nutrition, weight loss and detoxification, high intensity training, marketing and speaking.

Dr. DelRae began her love of wellness in high school. She grew up on a large family farm in southwestern North Dakota. She competed in basketball, volleyball, cross-country and track. Her high school track coach inspired her to live well with proper nutrition and positive thinking. She went on to run cross-country and track at North Dakota State University in Fargo and completed the pre-requisites for Chiropractic school.

In 2007, Dr. DelRae was blessed with a beautiful daughter, McKenna. She started chiropractic school when she was three months old. A year into graduate school, Dr. Delrae started experiencing debilitating migraines, and fatigue. She also suffered with digestive problems, weight gain and chronic lung infections. After searching for answers and countless MRI’s, CT scans, and testing, she found a doctor who specialized in heavy metal toxicity and bio-toxic exposure. After discovering she was living in black mold and had extremely high levels of lead, mercury and arsenic, she went through cellular detoxification and got her life back. She has a passion for speaking on the subject of chronic exposure to toxins and their affect on inflammation and hormones.

Dr. DelRae took first place in the 2010 Great North Ms. Fitness Bikini in Minnesota. She competed in Miami for Ms. Bikini Universe, and took 3rd in her division. She is founder and owner of Dr. DelRae Detox, an online coaching company. She is dedicated to helping patients with permanent fat loss using her customized nutrition program, detoxification program, HIT program, chiropractic, and massage therapy.

Among other products, Dr. DelRae created a home workout and nutrition program that teaches people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a long-term weight loss solution. She is currently working on her book and an online recipe book that focuses on simple and convenient ways to cook with local, seasonal foods.

You can reach Dr. DelRae at her website, https://www.drdelraedetox.com/,  by phone (612) 275-9860 or E-Mail: Delrae@DrDelRaeDetox.com.


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