Teen Bullying – Some Thoughts, Ideas And Solutions

Many agree that teen girl bullying is at an all time high and that awareness and education about bullying needs to be increased. Increasing the awareness and the resources available at the school level is what happened when Sandra in Singapore decided that despite her daughter's pleas, it was time to reveal the identities of the three classmates who were bullying her daughter. (If you haven't already, read Sandra's teen bullying story here.) It's interesting that bullying seems to be commonplace even in Singapore, even in a country where there's a high level of homogeneity in the culture and where you can get a ticket for things like … [Read more...]

My Teenage Girl Was Bullied – And The Anti-Bullying Remedy That Finally Worked

By Sandra My daughter started her first year in secondary school with joy and excitement.  At age 13, she was proud to be seen as more an adult than a child.  Her happiness, however, was short lived.  By mid January, she shared that her classmates were rude, used profanity and disturbed the class regularly. She asked me if she could be home-schooled.  I told her to view the situation in a positive light, that she was placed in that class to help and guide others.  Did I do right?  I don’t have the answer but this is what I came up with to deal with the situation.  My girl did her best to encourage others to stop smoking and to refrain … [Read more...]