Adolescence – Is It Harder On Parents Than On Adolescents?

I’ve read an interesting article in New York magazine recently that states that the period of life called adolescence can be harder on the parents of adolescents than it is on the adolescents themselves. The author of the article, Jennifer Senior (also author of the book, All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood), quotes a leading authority on puberty named Laurence Steinberg, a psychologist at Temple University and author of the book, Adolescence. Ms. Senior writes, It doesn’t seem to me like adolescence is a difficult time for the kids,” Steinberg says. “Most adolescents seem to be going through life in a very pleasant haze.” … [Read more...]

Getting Outside The Box Of Cultural Conditioning

Last week, about a half hour after I sent out my article on how my teen athlete's back pain got completely relieved, I received an email from a reader telling me that he does not appreciate the religious content of my material.  The reader wrote, "I do not appreciate the religious content of this material.  I am sure that others do, but it is not what I am interested in reading...I am not comfortable with your philosophy/approach." Because I'm sure he's not alone in his view and in order to clarify where I'm coming from (because my view CAN be confusing and easily misunderstood at times, particularly because we all have preconceived … [Read more...]

Unleash the Power of Your Dreams

Besides paying attention to your intuition and inner nudges, you can pay attention to your dreams and by doing so, unleash the power of your dreams (which will go a long way toward helping you solve your and your family's problems and fulfill your higher purpose). This is because dreams are one of several ways the Divine uses to communicate with us, and if we pay attention we will gain the perspective and the assistance of the Divine. However, not many people remember their dreams and not long ago a reader of my articles emailed, asking me what to do so that he could remember his dreams. "Can you give me some insight into dreaming? I do … [Read more...]

Parenting In Times of Crisis and Chaos

We are on the brink of much change on the planet, and it seems that the level of chaos is high right now. Here in the U.S. the federal government is partially shut down at the moment (due to Congress’ inability to agree on the budget and the projection that the U.S. Treasury will run out of money on October 17th). The level of fear is high and I see all around me—at the gasoline station, the store, and in families—that many people are on the brink of losing it. How do you keep your sanity and be a supportive, effective parent during such crazy times? I am not afraid of the times we are in and in fact, my philosophy about what’s happening … [Read more...]

Teen Bullying – Some Thoughts, Ideas And Solutions

Many agree that teen girl bullying is at an all time high and that awareness and education about bullying needs to be increased. Increasing the awareness and the resources available at the school level is what happened when Sandra in Singapore decided that despite her daughter's pleas, it was time to reveal the identities of the three classmates who were bullying her daughter. (If you haven't already, read Sandra's teen bullying story here.) It's interesting that bullying seems to be commonplace even in Singapore, even in a country where there's a high level of homogeneity in the culture and where you can get a ticket for things like … [Read more...]

A Friend Follows His Intuition And Fulfills His Dream

As you may have noticed in this magazine, we place a lot of importance on following one's intuition. I believe it's a very important thing to do, particularly right now, for your family's benefit, for your own benefit, as well as for the greater good. Everyone's uplifted in some way. (An aside: I have discovered that when you follow your intuition not only do you benefit, but also everyone and everything else around you. But that's a subject that I will say more on in a future article...) For example, by following her intuition, "Silicon Valley Mom" was able to turn around the situation of her 16-year old daughter's eating disorder rather … [Read more...]