Parenting In Times of Crisis and Chaos

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We are on the brink of much change on the planet, and it seems that the level of chaos is high right now. Here in the U.S. the federal government is partially shut down at the moment (due to Congress’ inability to agree on the budget and the projection that the U.S. Treasury will run out of money on October 17th). The level of fear is high and I see all around me—at the gasoline station, the store, and in families—that many people are on the brink of losing it. How do you keep your sanity and be a supportive, effective parent during such crazy times?

I am not afraid of the times we are in and in fact, my philosophy about what’s happening at the moment is that this chaos is exactly what’s needed in order for positive changes to be able to occur on this planet. Also, a couple of years ago I’ve done some personal research that included carefully examining and interpreting the astronomy the “crossroads” our solar system has recently gone through  (I share the ideas in my eBook on navigating the 2012 time period) and I show as scientifically as is possible that the outcome for humanity is not only positive, but it is also assured. (Many have written about this galactic shift, but most have not taken the time to study the astronomical details, how the details and insights gained fit in with humanity’s history, and the powerfully positive implications for this important time.)

Following my intuition and inner guidance helped me come across the information, receive the insights, understand the larger meanings and put the pieces together that showed me that we as a planet have already passed the ‘threshold” and are on our way towards the “Light.” Furthermore, this is not something that can be stopped, even by those who have vested interests in things remaining the way they have been for centuries (meaning, the dumbing down and the suppression of the majority of the people on this planet). There is no doubt we are going through a major shift in consciousness.

However, I also understood that how fast positive change happens in the eyes and the experience of the individual (and the individual’s family) depends on the consciousness and actions of the individual and the individual’s family. The “guiding pole” of the planet, after 13,000 years of pointing away from galactic light, may have crossed the threshold and is now (as of around December 2012) pointing toward “galactic light” but this positive change will not come about automatically or through the actions of some nebulous agent known as the “planet,” of course. It’s about the growth of individuals. It’s always been about the spiritual evolution and growth of individuals.  This positive change will come about through the choices and actions each of us as individuals make, choices that are now more aligned with this “light” and this truth (inner light, inner guidance, connection with the heart and soul).

I have no doubt that even though we will continue to see more chaos in our families and in our neighborhoods and in our world that this chaos is up precisely so that age-old issues can be resolved and more light-filled solutions can be discovered and implemented. I remain steadfast not only as a holder and advocate for this philosophy but also, I am steadfast as a parent and as an advocate for parents as well as their children.

One of my greatest joys is helping people to discover their higher purpose and fulfill it—as I believe each one of us has a unique talent and a unique contribution that, once unleashed, will not only benefit the larger community but also, in a very direct way (including financially) the individual and the individual’s family.

This world is experiencing a ton of problems and every one of those problems has a solution. Maybe your higher purpose includes writing a book and sharing your insight and experiences, maybe it’s to invent a new valium medical device, maybe it’s to be the Mom or the Dad you have the potential to be, maybe it’s to finally end the cycle of suffering occurring in families and create peace and well-being in your family and in your community. Actually, I know the latter is the higher purpose of all of us here. (Just remember that some people will get things sooner than others and that’s okay.)

So not only does getting on the path of your higher purpose make these crazy times seem more okay, it’s actually exciting when you make some changes, produce results and/or receive positive feedback from the environment around you. And even when your positive changes initially create fear in others and others react by resisting (this is what we’re experiencing right now as a collective, and as individuals), know that in the end the result will be a way of life that is much more agreeable and satisfying for all.

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