My Medical Nutrition Experiment

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On January 1, 2014 I began a medical nutrition program designed to help support bone and joint issues, including a condition in my left hand called Dupuytren’s contracture (sometimes called Viking syndrome). Besides supporting bone and joint health, because the program I’ve started on is holistic, it will also promote general health and should produce results such as increased energy, clearer skin, better mood, better vision, as well as greater mental clarity and cardiovascular health. Anyway, I decided I will go out on a limb and track my results every few weeks or so in this magazine–because as we parents get into our forties and fifties many of us begin to experience health issues, including the beginning symptoms of arthritis–and if we go down the normal path we won’t enjoy our children as much as we used to be able to.

Although you probably do not have Dupuytren’s contracture, you might be beginning to feel a little stiffness in your back when you wake up in the morning, or when you get up after a couple hours of sitting in front of the computer at work. In this article I have a few interesting tips and stories I discovered when I was doing my research for Dupuytren’s that will help with bone and joint issues as well as general health.

I’ve had the Dupuytren’s contracture for about 4 years now. It began as a small bump in the palm of my left hand about an inch below my ring finger and the tendon in that spot slowly began to thicken and contract. I’ve also in the last few months started to feel a small bump near my middle finger in my left hand as well.

A friend took photos of my hands on December 21, 2013, so that I could have a photo record of my progress.

Dupuytren's contracture

In the photos on the left, you can see that the tendon below the ring finger in my left hand is thick and tight. In fact I cannot spread my left hand flat on the table as I can with my right hand.

I have begun a medical nutrition experiment because I have been researching this condition for a while now–and I finally came across a possible solution that actually makes sense to me. But before I go into the solution, I will discuss what I’ve learned about this condition from the Internet.

Dupuytren’s contracture is sometimes called Viking syndrome because it afflicts more people from Northern Europe than Southern Europe. And medical doctors attribute this difference purely to genetics. (I am from Northern Europe, from Poland, and I grew up in the Buffalo, New York area.)

Dupuytren's ContractureThe conventional allopathic medical approach to treating Dupuytren’s is to perform surgery on the hand and/or to cut the tendon. But the way I see it, performing surgery on my ring finger tendon will not prevent the condition from developing in new sites–such as near my middle finger (which is now the case) or in reoccurring in the same site. And if it was just the tightening of the tendon that was bothering me well that’s one thing but surgery on my hand would never fix the stiffness I’m beginning to feel in my back when I wake up or get up after sitting in front of the computer for a couple hours. (And my intuition tells me a program designed to help Dupuytren’s would automatically help symptoms of arthritis.)

If I can get rid of the arthritis symptoms while healing my hand condition then this is where I can help others. Because although not too many people have Dupuytren’s contracture, many begin to experience some arthritic symptoms in their forties, fifties and sixties.

So what is the solution to both Dupuytren’s and arthritis symptoms that I’m experimenting with? It is medical nutrition, and it is based on the naturopathic principle that the body wants to fix itself and it knows how to fix itself–it has an inherent intelligence called the soul. (Yes that same soul I have written my special report and many articles on). All it needs to be able to heal itself are the proper raw materials (which most of our foods are lacking in), as well as avoiding completely a few foods that are harmful to the optimal functioning of the body. I have received a nutrition protocol from a naturopathic physician named Dr. Glidden that’s designed to give my body the nutritional support it needs to heal the Dupuytren’s–and this same protocol is the protocol for healing any symptoms of arthritis.

Dr. Glidden has seen in his 25 years of clinical experience that it is easy to heal arthritis and bone and joint issues, and 99% to 100% of people who follow the nutrition program (which includes use of proper supplements) are able to reverse their arthritis–even if their arthritis is so bad that their hands are visually deformed. Dr. Glidden relies on the science of naturopathic medicine, the clinically verified research of Dr. Joel Wallach (whose independent studies were funded by the U.S. government and are displayed in the Smithstonian Institute), and 25 years of clinical experience.

If Dr. Glidden has the guts to claim a success rate of 99-100% for arthritic symptoms, then I am making my experiment public and tracking my results in this magazine. Besides, going public with your goal is a good way to make yourself stick with the program.

Furthermore, Dr. Glidden relayed the story of professional athlete Theo Ratliff who in his twenties was told that his basketball career was over, because of numerous injuries and knee issues sustained during his sports career. Ratliff could hardly walk across the court when he heard about Dr. Wallach and went to see him for help. Dr. Wallach prescribed a nutrition program that relied heavily on mineral supplementation and told Ratliff it would take a year and a half for him to recover, but he’d be able to play again, even better than ever.

Nine months after beginning the nutrition program, Ratliff signed a multi-million dollar contract. He was able to play 10 more years of professional basketball as an amazing shot-blocker who led the league three times in blocks per game. Ratliff believes his previous vulnerability to injury was due in part to mineral deficiencies–which those who are athletes are more prone to because the wear and tear and sweating of exercise uses up the body’s reserves of minerals, minerals that are not replaced because our foods are so dang deficient in them.

I am inspired by this story and encouraged by the high rates of success claimed for arthritis. I am also encouraged that my Dupuytren’s contracture will also get better over time. I know there are better health solutions out there to many chronic conditions that do not involve drugs and surgery (which often do nothing except manage symptoms). I am looking forward to sharing the results of my progress over the course of the next several months with you!


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