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Your Higher PurposeFor more than two decades now I’ve been driven to find and fulfill my higher life purpose.  By “higher” I mean not just having a job, advancing a career and being a good parent but fulfilling something deeper that tugged at me that I knew very little about, something that I felt I wasn’t even connected to yet. How was I to know what that higher purpose was? That’s like asking what’s your soul’s potential. You don’t know until you really get into it.

So in early 2001 I attended a 5-day Soul Recognition workshop to help me discover my higher life purpose.  One of the things I learned there was that I would write a “simple children’s book” about “how life works here.” Since I have never thought about writing children’s books and I wasn’t even a writer, the prophesy seemed a bit far out. But since several participants also stopped me to tell me I had something important in me that I needed to share with the world, I began to take this idea seriously.

Anyway, about a year and a half later, I came up with an idea for a children’s book in a moment of inspiration during a hike one morning. The “adventures” I had with my younger daughter Julianne when she was a baby would become my “simple children’s book,” I thought.

The following is an excerpt from my first book, What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening. This short excerpt shares some of the things that happened when my children were just babies.

When Julianne was between three and four months old, I often placed her in a bouncy seat geared with pastel-colored toys. Whenever she managed to hit one of the toys with her hands, it spun and jangled and she gently bounced back and forth, back and forth. This was, I thought, a good way to amuse her, as well as keep her secure.

One morning after breakfast, I put her bouncy seat on the broad kitchen counter so she could watch me as I unloaded dishes from the dishwasher and stacked them in the pantry. As I closed the pantry doors, a soft but suspicious “yip!” sound alerted me to turn around. Just in time, too, because I saw Julianne–still secure in her bouncy seat–bouncy tummy side down off the top rack of the refrigerator, straight into my arms.

Perfect catch (!) I thought, feeling startled but relieved. I held her for a few moments, feeling grateful, while my mind pondered and speculated. And as I stood there just holding her, I became aware of a special connection between us. Wow, I thought. That’s good.

But, feeling shock again, I made a mental note to toss out the bouncy seat and vowed to pay closer attention to her from that point on. I’m sure, however, that Julianne didn’t concern herself with any of these things. She looked content just to be in my arms.

When Julianne was one, our family visited friends who owned two small bijon dogs. Julianne loved dogs. When they licked her hands and kissed her face, she laughed and squealed for more. One time, bored with adult company, she toddled around the flower bushes and trees in the backyard, searching for the dogs.

Sneaking up on an unsuspecting pet from behind, she grabbed him and pulled hard on his tail. The poor, frightened dog spun around and nipped Julianne in the face, right between her nose and her right eye.

Aaaaahh!” she screamed. I ran over to see what was the matter. A bit of blood trickled down her cheek. We went inside to clean the owie. After I put on a Band-Aid, she stopped crying. I held her, relieved that it wasn’t worse. Then I lectured her on always being cautious and gentle around dogs.

But before I was done with my lesson, she began to squirm out of my arms. “I go play,” she said, brightening up with that thought. Apparently, this dog incident wasn’t such a big deal, and she went back to exploring the backyard.

The following year, when Julianne was two and Angelika five, the three of us decided to go swimming one hot summer afternoon. Together we gathered our pool things: towels, water wings, goggles and foam noodles. Loaded down with swim stuff, I opened the gate behind our townhouse and Julianne, now free, dashed off in the direction of the neighborhood pool. By the time Angelika and I arrived a few seconds later, Julianne had disappeared. I was used to this, one moment to see her and the next she was gone.

First I scanned the pool, but saw no one. Then I yelled, “Julianne, Julianne!” but she didn’t answer. Perhaps this was just a game and she was hiding behind trees or bushes or in a neighbor’s yard, I thought. But then I felt a chill creep down my spine as I stood silent and still by the pool. Intently I scanned the area again, imagining I had the eyes of an eagle, and at the far, deep end of the pool, I spotted a little hand reaching out of the water.

I rushed over like mad, grabbed her tiny hand, and pulled her out of the water. Once she was safe in my arms, I said, while mentally noting to remain calm, “Were you trying to swim? It’s not easy to swim if you haven’t learned how. Angelika went to swimming school and soon you will, too, but now you must use your water wings and not get into any pool without me or Papa…” But after hearing such loving guidance, it was clear she wasn’t interested in any further clarification. “I want my water wings,” she said as she squirmed out of my arms, so she could get back in the pool.–End of excerpt.

A few more such events happened before I began to recognize the pattern, and then I began hearing my inner guidance telling me, ever so softly: “What about you, Christine? It’s your turn now, isn’t it?”

A part of me knew that my daughter was trying to teach me something and if I had continued to ignore her, she would have continued to “teach me” with her stunts. So that’s what really made me take my “assignment” seriously. Later, that simple writing assignment ultimately turned into something much bigger: a book for adults, a book for how to get in touch with your intuition and fulfill your higher purpose.

Besides the obvious meanings of the story and the meanings you can read between the lines, I would suggest the following if you wish to fulfill your higher purpose:

1. Take your higher purpose seriously. (Don’t ignore it and don’t worry if it’s not all fun and games immediately, it will be fun once you get into it.)

2. Events will happen that will trigger changes in your consciousness. Some of them might be scary. Face your feelings authentically and act from that authentic place within you.

3. Act in the moment of your guidance (meaning, when you receive guidance, act promptly).

4. Take leaps of faith and get into action.

5. If you choose to follow through with your inner guidance towards a particular goal, always keep changing / evolving your mindset–because you will go farther than what you think (or others think) at this moment in time.

6. Stop waiting for Jesus or the saints or other extradimensional beings to help you by doing things for you. They already are helping you by giving you guidance–you just need to ask, listen and follow through with the guidance you receive.

7. Take care of your body so that you can complete your higher purpose.

When you do these things, you will raise your awareness and fulfill your higher purpose. And as you do this, you will help create a world that works for everyone.

Featured Image Source: Shreveport-Bossier’s Flickr

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  1. Great piece. I loved the tips and tweeted to share with my follower.

    Thanks for saying “Yes” to showing up authentically for the planet.

    • Thanks Elliot! Please share on Facebook, too if you can. While there are many people who offer great advice, I do have practical info and share examples and this is I feel so needed right now. Thanks again, Christine

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