Ten Steps To Make Your Teen’s Dreams Come True

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By Ken Rabow.

Quick. Think of something you did today that stands out to you. Was it something funny? Something you are particularly proud of, or something embarrassing? When you were doing it, was the voice in your head a cheerleader, a soothing guide or a scolding judge? For most of us, it was the judge.

By transforming a scolding judge into a soothing guide or even a cheerleader, you will begin making subtle sub-conscious daily decisions that will help you become your very best.

Here are 10 steps to becoming fulfilled in your dreams. It works best and longest if you are willing to give in kind for what you receive.

1. In the Beginning… For most of us, there is something that we loved doing when we were too young to worry about practicality. Re-capture that and you have a great place of power to create your dream life from.

2. Do Something You Love! So many people have succeeded at things that everyone told them was impractical, that could never work but that they loved doing. I have seen over and over again that people who do what they love and believe that they will be rewarded for it… are!

3. Have Fun. If what you have set your sights on brings you joy, gets you out of bed in the morning raring to go and has you go to sleep at night content with your best shot at it, you are having fun! Success really does follow fun.

4. It’s In the Eyes. When you find what it is you want to do, pick someone who is the best in that field that you admire, go to a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and call their name and say: “(Their name), I love what you’ve done but I’m not only going to do as well in (what you want to do), but I am going to rise above what you have created and go further than you ever dreamed of in good health and be richly rewarded for it.” Do this when you awake and just before going to bed.

5. Repetition. Thomas Edison had to try over 10,000 experiments to find the perfect filament for the incandescent light bulb. Imagine trying 10 different ways, six days a week. It would take over three years of non-stop work to achieve success. So give yourself a break, stay in it for the long haul, keep the faith and make adjustments as you go along.

6. Tell No One! Even those with the very best of intentions can affect your ability to succeed with their fears and doubts. Only share your dreams with like-minded people who are focused on success and are happy in their lives.

7. Don’t Give Up! (Did I mention repetition?) Back to Mr. Edison. So many people have thrown in the towel a few feet away from reaching the mother lode. How do we know? Because so many people who have won their prize tell us about how they almost threw in the towel. Finding their last scrap of energy, they soldiered on to acclaim. As my mother used to say: “If it was easy, everybody would do it!”

8. Think Big! What if this whole universe is designed to give those who ask for it exactly what they ask for? Ask for what you want, then think about what you are willing to give in return-your time, your talent, or whatever gifts you have. If the universe does indeed work this way, you will be rewarded for it. If it does not, people who see you giving all of yourself cheerfully will reward you themselves.

9. Be the Cheerleader! Starve that mean old judge by leaving him in the corner and paying him no mind. Open the door of your heart and head first to your soothing guide and eventually to your cheerleader. Imagine them repeating a phrase in your head that fills you with joy and strength, giving you the certitude to transform obstacles into detours that lead to success.

10. Be Thankful Now! Let yourself imagine how it would feel to have all that you dream of. Let yourself feel that feeling as if you were in its thrall right now. Give thanks for that happening as if it is happening right now because it is!

Follow these steps and you will be walking in the path of many people who have succeeded greatly before you and you shall pave the way for the following generation to do the same. May all your dreams come true for the good of all of us.


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Editor’s note: Try the advice on yourself first and then empower your children!

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