The Benefits of Sports For Your Teenage Girl

Is your preteen or teenage daughter involved in sports? Does she play on a school or club team? Then you're probably familiar with some of the benefits that sports involvement offer her. Teenage girls who are involved in sports are more likely to have good grades in school, a healthy self-esteem, a higher level of health and fitness as well as a lot of fun with their peers. Furthermore, they also experience the social benefits of working together as a team, they learn life-long skills and leadership skills that they will use in their college and work careers, and the experience of going to games and cheering her team on is a lot of fun for … [Read more...]

Family Traditions – 15 Fun & Meaningful Ideas For Any Family

By Matthew Toone Family traditions help provide each family member a home, an environment, and relationships of purpose in a world of confusion, disorganization, and decreasing morals and values. Traditions provide families the desired foundation of comfort, familiarity, and consistency, which helps reduce family disunity, dysfunction, and separation. And yet, the most effective family traditions are not those that only occur annually on certain holidays, they are made evident in daily and weekly habits and actions that are simple, yet significant. No, these traditions are not about large meals, big events, fancy decorations, or annual … [Read more...]