Our Daughter’s Body Image and Ourselves

Parents, and especially Moms, I want to talk about the tough subject of your daughter’s body image, health and well being. As puberty becomes a driving force in your daughter’s life, her self-image and esteem are sure to become a part of her awareness. This time in her life is potentially the most sensitive and influential experience of her body image memories. She is adjusting to a new physical frame, emotions that go with it, the opposite sex, and the external forces of peer pressure and/or attention. It sounds like the making of a time bomb but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve been a guide and witness to this process for over … [Read more...]

How My Daughter Beat an Eating Disorder and Learned About Love…Fast

It was Spring 2012, the citrus trees hung heavy with fruit and one of my 16-year old twin daughters was falling for a 19-year old boy. She was a good student who loved to play soccer and hang out with her friends and family. She "met" the boy online and after a few weeks he asked to meet her at a local park. She rode her bike to the park without me knowing that she, her sister and a friend were meeting the young man. Shortly thereafter she asked if it would bother me if she dated a 19-year old. I told her that it depended on his character. I knew exactly where this was heading and sure enough, a week later “G.” came over to our house to … [Read more...]